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E-billing Registration

Please complete this form if you wish to receive your property tax bills and/or municipal water bills electronically (e-billing) via your email address.

I want to: (select all that apply)
I agree and authorize my property tax and/or water bill to be electronically sent to this email address:

I agree that by submitting this form I will no longer receive paper bills in the mail.  All bills from now on will be electronically sent to the email address specified above.  It is the responsibility of the customer to inform the City of Owen Sound of any email address changes.

By enrolling in e-billing the CCIN information currently available on the bottom of your payment stub will not be included with your electronic bill and therefore you will not be able to pay your bill in-person at your financial institution.  Please note that by enrolling in the new feature your billing cycle and due dates will remain the same.

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